Grande Punto 1.9 sporting


I got this car about 2 1/2 years ago. It had 45k on the clock and was in alright condition. I absolutely loved it for a while then I just got bored and sick of it. It starting getting a few things that needed sorting but i've decided to make a thread to show my journey with the car :). I realised the other day that I do actually really like my car and I am really lucky to have it!

What I have done;
Lamin x the rear lights
Vinyl behind number plate
Painted the calipers
Blue LED interior lights
LED side lights and number plate
Sprayed the plastic trim on bonnet
Team heko wind deflectors
Dieseluk tuning box

Im sure there has been a few things I have missed. Hopefully all the pics get them :)

So there are a few things I have had to get sorted with this car.
New anti roll bar
New droplink
New battery
New caliper

But this car has covered 65k miles now so I am expecting a few wear and tear items that will need doing. I have just had it serviced too so the car is running a lot smoother.

These are the things I need to get sorted;
Alloy wheels are going to get refurbished in anthracite
Heater needs sorting out as it only works on setting 4
New pollen filter is getting fitted
I am getting some continental contact 3s fitted in about a week.
There are some stone chips and scratches I will be getting out too. Looking at getting the paints4u scratch master kit, so if anyone has tried this then I would love to know how it performs
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some more pics :) Oh I missed smoked indicators too!


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Tuning box sounds interesting...

The filter came with a leaflet in it illustrating how to change it, just gotta get down in the footwell and find it lol

it really is, I have such a smile on my face when the revs are sitting just under the turbo and i put my foot down!

Just order leds and cable to do the footwell lights, this should be fun!