Technical 1.4 16v 95hp cold radiator

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Technical 1.4 16v 95hp cold radiator


Jun 3, 2010
I am sorry but this question is about my Alfa Mito :eek:
It is a 1.4 16v NA 95hp engine which hopfully is the same as in the GP.
Had the car for @4 weeks .Yesterday after about 15 miles the temp gauge was at normal 90 ' but all the hoses were hot and pressurised.
The expansion tank was over the max line and had let some coolant out under pressure.
Radiator was cold and the fan was not on.
Heater was giving out hot air .
I am thinking a failed thermostat ?
Any ideas?
When you say "Radiator was cold" how did you check that?

If you follow the large hose into the top of the rad. That should be hot as the coolant from the thermostat flows from the engine through there. If that is truly hot then unlikely you have a completely stuck thermostat. If you go for a drive and then stop with the engine still running what happens then? The radiator should get hot, the temp gauge should rise and eventually the fan should come on
I felt the top of the rad and also in the fan area and it was cold.
All the hoses were hot and under pressure(top and bottem rad hoses )
Hot air was coming out of the heater all the time.
Waiting for a new thermostat to be delivered.
Temp gauge stayed at 90' .
The hoses shouldn't feel that hard. So excessive pressure is built somewhere? Maybe the radiator is clogged too? Maybe water pump is not doing so well? Just guesses. If you drove only short distances, it wouldn't cause engine to overheat and you're taking the heat into the cabin instead. :unsure:

Hopefully you're right that it's the thermostat. Hard and hot top hose would lead me to believe it's the radiator. However you might want to test, just shut down the cabin blower on idle and go check if coolant starts circulating to the radiator.
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Update-new thermostat including temp sensor fitted.
After warming up the fan came on @98' and went off @92 but the top of the rad was cold and when I felt where the fan is the rad was warm.
I found the bleeding valve on the top left of the rad and some air came out so after running the engine up to temp the top of the rad was hot .
Hopfully fixed .