Technical 1.2 ECU reset- Scary Moment...

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Technical 1.2 ECU reset- Scary Moment...


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Mar 29, 2006
I have been suffering from the mis-fire problem with on my Bravo, and seem to have cured it with a replacement set of plug leads, thanks to the advice posted on this forum.
I also took the opportunity to do a ECU reset, and got a bit of a fright when I started the car afterwards, as the engine revs went straight up to 2500 and stayed there. I went for a drive to see if this would help, and it did to a degree, but the revs still stayed high afterwards. All is back to normal now, though, thankfully, and I am aware that the ECU does need to "re-learn" settings after a reset. I was just wondering if the high revs afterwards is normal after a reset?
Wow, that was quick!!! Just as I thought, then... :D
Thanks for the quick reply, arc.