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1.3 multijet diesel won't start

Hello there

I am hoping for some pointers. My dad has a 56 plate multijet (Doblo) diesel that has had a few issues.

Issue 1 was some sort of engine failure. I recall he mentioned the inlet manifold had melted or similar and a new engine was installed. I believe the newer engine was slightly different as I was told he had to collect a DPF and there was a pipe or sensor different on the turbo. This seems consistent with what I've read about DPFs and VGT turbos on the later engines? The 'new' engine has a 'GM' stamp on the head.

This ran for a few thousand miles 'better than ever' my dad said. The previous engine was mega sluggish whilst this one seemed much more responsive.

The car, at present, is parked up, unable to start. Back when we had the bad snow, it was driven, possibly, too aggressively and had to be recovered. A code reader revealed some sort of 'engine overspeed' code

Other points worth noting are that the car had to go back to the garage several times to have the CEL light reset... something related to overboost. All of this is second hand info so my apologies, I'm trying to make some sense of it all. He also mentioned it was 'making oil'. Again, this seems to be consistent, unfortunately, with the DPF on the new engine.

The car refuses to start, even when towed. There is a smattering of oil near the back of the bulkhead too which has collected in a small pool. Looks like there is a breather there?

I am just looking for any pointers on how to go forward on this.


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