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Stilo Secret Menus & Settings Access

Hey All

I've decided to combine all known secret menus on various Stilo components to tidy things up a bit. If you want to discuss these, please post here. Enjoy!

Cassette / CD / MP3 Player Test Menu
The instructions below describe how to access a few in-built diagnostic tests the Visteon Stereo's have in-built:

1. Turn the Stereo ON
2. Press buttons "3" and "6" together for a few seconds, until a pitch note is heard on the speakers.

Now you're in test mode, here are the tests you can do:

A. SPEAKER TEST - Pressing the ">>" button will test all the (8) speakers the car has - 4 speakers, 4 tweeters. Once finsihed, it will exit the test mode, and you'll have to go back in (above).

B. SIGNAL STRENGTH - Whilst in test mode (with the pitch note heard), press button "3" again. An indication of the intensity of the radio signal the tuner is receiving is displayed as a measure of voltage (e.g. SIGNAL STRENGTH 1.6V). My averages are 2V-3V.

C. SHORT & OPEN CIRCUITS - Whilst in test mode (with the pitch note heard), press button "6" again. Check that the words "SHORT CIRCUIT - OK" appears (i.e. no problems).

D. PROCESSOR & MODULES COMMS TEST - Whilst in test mode (with the pitch note heard), press button "1". "COMMS TEST - PASS" should appear.

E. CHECKSUM (internal EEPROM) TEST - Whilst in test mode (with the pitch note heard), press button "4". "CHECKSUM - PASS" should appear.

F. DISPLAY OPERATION TEST - Whilst in test mode (with the pitch note heard), press button "5". All the pixels on the display should appear.

G. CD CHANGER COMMUNICATION TEST - Whilst in test mode (with the pitch note heard), press button "2". If a Blaupunkt IDC-A09 is fitted, "CDC CONNECTED" should appear. If not, there is a problem with communication between the units, or no unit is fitted (duh!)

To exit the diagnostic test, turn the stereo off normally.

Connect Nav+ "Service" Menu
There is an inbuilt menu in the Connect Nav+ unit that allows the user to ensure various modules are working, and that the speakers, antennas and GPS/GSM systems are functioning normally. To access this menu, do the following continuously and quickly:
  1. Press "Setup".
  2. Press "Connect" 4 times (i.e. push either button 10, 11 or 12 of the 12 buttons along the bottom of the screen).
  3. Press "Enter".
  4. Scroll down to the newly appeared button "Service", and press "Enter".

Climate Control Access Menu
First, turn on the engine. Now:
1) Push the button that warms up the rear window for 5 seconds. All the elements on the display will show up then disappear.
2) Push the same button again to go up the menu and the OFF button to go down the menu. The menu is from 00 to 99 (driver side temp.). The value is shown in passenger side temperature digits.
3) To exit the menu, press the rear window worm (defrost/demist) button for 5 seconds then release. (Same as to enter the menu).

I don't know what all the codes mean but
40 is for the speed
E.g.: between 0 and 10 km/h it shows 00; between 10 and 20 km/h it shows 10; between 20 and 30 km/h it shows 20 and so on.
37 is for the engine revolutions x100
E.g.: at idle it shows 08 menaing 800 rpm; at 2700 rpm it will show 27 and so on.
24 is for the speed of the climate fan.

(Thanks to Yogi for that one )

Factory Fitted Alarm Settings
During the end of line PROXI the COUNTRY MODE of the alarm is memorized (default: EEC) and can be altered by the service network using the following procedure:
  1. Turn the Ignition ON.
  2. Turn the Hazard Warning Lights ON.
  3. Press and HOLD the Rear Fog Lamp button.
  4. Using the ignition key carry out the following sequence in strict order: key off (< 2 s), key on (< 1s), key off, starting from the key on state and keeping the Rear Fog Lamp button pressed.
  5. At the end of the sequence the siren will beep 5 times to confirm that the programming has been activated.
  6. Release the Rear Fog Lamp switch and press it again the same number of times as the desired mode (if the button is pressed for an invalid number of times, the siren will beep 5 times and the procedure will be cancelled).
  7. Turn the Ignition ON within 10 seconds of pressing the rear fog lamp switch for the last time.
  8. The siren will beep the same number of times as the operating mode selected.
  9. At the end of the beeps, turn the Ignition OFF; the Body Computer is programmed for the new operating mode.
Operating Modes are as follows:
  • MODE 1: Default Mode (EEC)
  • MODE 2: GB
  • MODE 3: Belgium
  • MODE 4: Holland
  • MODE 5: World
  • MODE 6: Temporary Market
  • MODE 7: "Range"
There are slight differences, and I'll try and post them up soon!
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