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1.8 16v Ignition Coil diagnostic and change
Published by RuSZ
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1.8 16v Ignition Coil diagnostic and change

Do you have a flashing EML light?

Have you had it read and itís showing P0301, P0303, P0303, P0304? If so I might be able to help

If you have P0300 or something else, sorry please try asking the forum.

I canít promise a fix, but it may help point in the right direction.

One day on my daily commute, about 5 miles, I had no issues at all. I parked up and sat with the engine idling for 5 minutes. Suddenly the engine stuttered and the EML started flashing.

Luckily I have a code reader, so plugged it in and came up with the error P0303 (Cylinder 3 misfire). In basic terms it means the ECU has detected a fault on Cylinder 3 and has shut it down to prevent damage.

It essentially means either, spark plug fault, coil fault, fueling fault, manifold leak or ECU fault.

So hereís for the diagnostic...

Switch the coil pack from the faulty cylinder to another cylinder.

What does this mean?

If the error code moves from the faulty cylinder to the new cylinder youíve moved the pack to, itís likely the coil thatís failed.

If the error stays on the cylinder youíve moved the coil from, you have another issue (see list above) I canít help you any further from here, but youíve ruled something out.

If the error is on both cylinders... errmmm... help!?! Somethings going wrong

The next page will show you how to change the coil
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Re: 1.8 16v Ignition Coil diagnostic and change

Youíll need:
10mm socket or spanner
Flat head screwdriver

1. Using the flat head screwdriver, push the green tab towards the ignition coil until it clicks. At this point pull off the connector

2. Using the 10mm socket/spanner remove the retaining boil.

3. Give the coil a tug upwards, it may come out easily, it might need some effort. Bull pull upwards, twist if needed

4. At this point the coil is removed, you can go on to change the spark plug if needed from here.

5. To replace the coil, follow this in reverse.

If youíve come to this guide to change you coils the job is done. If youíre here for diagnostics, hopefully itís now pointed you in the right direction
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