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2010(60) Qubo key and remote issue. Help!


I've had a search through the site and cannot find an answer for the following problem in a modern Fiat with the later CODE system. If I have missed the article, I apologise and would appreciate a link. Thanks.

I have just taken delivery of a 2010 (60) Qubo Trekking from an insurance salvage auction. As usual, there are no books, history or documents. However, sadly this time there is also no genuine key. Of course, this wasn't mentioned in the listing which just declared that it 'runs & drives', which is true once I detached the smashed front bumper.

All I have is a single, aftermarket and non-remote key which fits the ignition and starts the vehicle but does not work in the drivers side door lock. As such, I cannot lock the vehicle from the outside. The central locking works from the internal door handle just fine when you are in the car.

I have been to Fiat and they want 285 to supply a remote key that is cut and coded to the info they have on their system for my reg. However, as we do not know which barrel is genuine, the door lock or the ignition barrel, I could be paying 285 for a pretty ornament. They can supply and fit an entire new lock and key set inc fitting for 700. Thats close to the value of the vehicle!

My questions are:-

1) What is the simplest and cheapest option to be able to lock the car?

i) Is it to buy a stand alone remote fob? if so, how would I programme a remote fob to match the vehicles codes?

ii) Or do I just buy a door lock and key and therefore have 2 keys, only one of which will start the car and only one of which will open the car? Not keen on multiple keys, would rather have one for everything with integrated remote control, like from factory.

iii) Another option i haven't considered?

2) Is it worth buying the ignition barrel and holder plus the door lock and keys from another Qubo and swapping them over? I have found some sets for about 50. This looks like an easy option BUT, apart from the transponder chip in the keys and ignition barrel (which would come with the advertised items), are there any other transponder chips I need to change? For example, I know some other manufacturers put chips in the keys, ignition and the instrument cluster. If they did not all match then the car was dead. Again, this leaves the need to programme the central locking remote to the car.

I really need some help urgently please. At the moment the car in locked in a private compound and is safe. But, once I've replaced the front bumper, which is the damage that it was written off for, I need to be able to use the car. Obviously I cannot leave it unlocked in public.

Any advice would be much appreciated and I apologise for this long ramble. I'm getting myself confused! LOL
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Re: 2010(60) Qubo key and remote issue. Help!


You can get another basic key cut and coded for @50

Old style keys used to wear badly.. and a Sharp new one would often sort door issues

There are options for the lockset swap.. but that can also have some expensive niggles

I would go for the 50 cut and coded

Then see what actually works

You SHOULD be able to ring around FIAT dealers and get the original key code for @40.. ( there isnt a fixed fee)

But of course IF its already had a lock swap .. thats a wasted 40
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