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TOTAL MILLAGE Keeps Resetting to ZERO

Having great craic with this car!

Okay a few weeks ago i left the stereo on in my car for a good 12 hours straight....... Add a Subwofter to that and ya got one seriously dead battery.
Anyway after several failed jumps from an AA Van they took out there big truck thing and jumped me. Started in one go and i was away, took about 3 days for the battery to fully charge again.

However a few days later the REV Counter Blew and was quickly followed by the Power Steering Failed, i nreckon this had something to do with the jumps as this is knowen to happen after the battery goes dead.

Anyway the garage replaced the sensor in the steering and ordered my a whole set of clocks. A few days later they were fitted.

A few days later i noticed my TOTAL MILLAGE had been cleared. So i have a 01 Punto with less than 500 miles on the clock!! I also noticed that when i reset the trip counter the TOTAL MILLAGE also resets itself. No just to clarify i'm NOT reading this wrong or getting mixed up it is actually the total millage of the car and not just the trip counter i'm looking at.

I told the garage and they've tole me that due to a fault in the wiring the millage cant be fixed. Surely this is illegal no?

Every now and then the millage resets itself without me doing anything which means it's impossible for me to track the millage of the car.

Is he garage legally bound to fix this?
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Re: TOTAL MILLAGE Keeps Resetting to ZERO

First get a new battery.

If that dont work contact the AA,they should know better in reference to jump starting modern cars!
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