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Problems?... Solutions!

Here's a couple of things that have gone wrong with my Punto recently - and for everyone's reference or for people with the same problem - how I fixed it!

Squeaking from the back of the car, especially going over bumps:

Get a can of WD40, open the boot and find the hook that the bootlid lock latches into. Spray this, and the lock with lubricant. Fixed.


Door Handles not snapping back after letting them go, as if a spring was gone:

Get a can of Silicone Lube Spray. Pull out the handle and squirt a good bit down between handle and door. Give the handle a pull or two - and away you go.


5CD Changer not playing - When turning on the main radio and taking the "CD" option, the numbers on the CD changer would flash green/orange but not play any CD's:

Get a coathanger, clip the ends off and make a tool to get your radio out. Disconnect the power cable, leave for 5 seconds, and plug it back it. Worked for me.


Wipers juddering and wiper arm falling off mount:

Thanks to several posts here I fixed the juddering - the wiper motor and assembly are overgreased and once the excess is removed it works fine. As for the wiper arm - one of the rubber seals had worn and would fall off, causing the drivers side wiper to stop working. I removed the wiper motor, and turned the arms back to front, so that the bad end is held in by the other arm (if this makes sense). Long term I'll get a new motor and assembly from a scrappie, but short term it works great.


It's true - Italian cars, they take a bit of owner input, but today, oh today...

Flushed the engine, changed oil and filter, fitted new plugs, fitted Magnecor ignition leads, engine runs like a stroked kitten, and then on the motorway I flew past all the other little ****ty cars who's owners patronise FIAT's... heaven!
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