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Are the modifications really worth it?

Hey all, been comtemplating lately about my mods. I fitted abarth skirts and spoiler to my car but would I be better of selling them or is it really worth it to have them on the car? I wouldn't ever pay what I could get for them if I didn't have them.

What do we think? Return to standard and get a few hundred. Or wait untill I'm getting rid or have an accident to do it?
(not that I plan on or want an accident but you never know)

I just don't really fancy them being nicked one day

I messed up posting as a poll so opinions as posts are good :P
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Re: Are the modifications really worth it?

id probs keep them on. style mods i like

mods im not to fond of is performance mods i dont really see the point in them the only thing that impresses me is the 0-60 time witch its pretty lousy on seicentos top speeds just for people tellin other people how fast they can go unless your in to the whole track day stuff witch if i could afford it i would do thn reachin top speed would b fun :P
but hey thats just my opinion

thx andy

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Re: Are the modifications really worth it?

Depends on what mods you want for the car, I spent just over 3k on my last car & never got the money back when I sold it, but had loads of people saying how nice & unique it looked when attended car shows.

I've done only basic mods on my Panda as I don't want any interest in it when it's parked up in car parks etc, as it's only going to get key'd & dented cos someone / group are jealous of your ride.
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Re: Are the modifications really worth it?

If you're modding it because you want to increase its value stop now.

The only reason to ever modify a car is to make it look better, perform better or be more comfortable IN YOUR OWN EYES.

Anything you buy and fit on your car you can expect to make a loss on cash wise, its a hobby, and like any other hobby it costs money.

Fishing, Karate, Football, a gym membership.......they are all hobbies and all of them cost you cash, just like modifying.

Your asking the wrong people in all honesty, look at your car, ask yourself if you'd like it as much without the mods and you'll know the answer.
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Re: Are the modifications really worth it?

Old thread is Old.
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