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Talking Panda turbo parts list(for those that care)

After lots of emails, phone calls and some threats i have decided it might be of my best interest to post a parts list for the Panda turbo conversion(999cc fire carbed)

Panda Turbo Parts List

-Turbo (IHI RHF3)-factory limited to 7psi (wastegate has been modded to 6psi to be safe)power starts at 1800rpm and lasts all the way to my 6700rpm redline

-Intercooler (Mitsubishi Starion stock IC)-after initial testing i realized an intercooler would be necessary to ensure longer engine life at high boost

-Intake piping-all intake piping was fabricated out of thin walled stainless pipe(3" OD)so it´s all custom work here

-Air Filter-I used a K&N cone filter i had laying around from my Calibra with an adapter to fit the 3" intake piping(filter is about 2 1/4"ID)

-Headgasket- after a few blown gaskets a friend made a custom one that seems to be holding for now, by making the gasket thicker it also lowers the compression to around 8:1 to withstand higher boost

-Adjustable cam gears-these were necessary to get the timming correct because of the extra 1cm of height(thicker headgasket)i do not know their make or what car they came out of.

-Cam Belt-the cam belt is a bit longer, i know it came off another Fiat but can´t confirm which.

-Exhaust Manifold-this is a modified stock manifold

-O2 Sensor-this was fitted to the manifold with the intention of adding a MPI system, it was used for tuning purposes and left alone afterwards.

-Oil Pan-the stock oil pan was modified to allow for the turbo oil lines to drain into it, the capacity was also increased by making it wider(to make sure there is enough cool oil to lube the engine and turbo)

-Radiator-the rad is an uprated unit meant for an Uno turbo, the coolant line has a T-connector installed to supply coolant to the turbo(the connector has a one way valve built in to prevent back-flow)

-Blow-Off-Valve (BOV)-this is a stock Mazda MX6 BOV, it opens at around 7psi and is fairly quiet

-Adapter Plate-the turbo to manifold adapter plate was made out of 3/4" thick steel

-Downpipe-this was made out of 2.5" stainless tubing to mate to the exhaust

-Exhaust-this is a custom 2.5" dual tip exhaust made by a friend, it is all stainless steel and makes a deep sound(not to loud when revved either), the backbox is a Remus unit with dual chromed tips

-Charge Piping-all charge piping was taken from a Mazda MX6 and modified to fit

-Fuel Pump-this is a Walbro (255LPH/45psi max) fuel pump, the pressure is set at 20psi

-Fuel Pressure Gauge-this is a B&M gauge i had laying aroung, reads 0 to 50psi and is located under the hood(i´m making preparations to place it somewhere more visible during operation)

-Carburettor-this is the stock weber carb that has been rejetted and sealed by my dads friend. It was and still is intended to be replaced by an MPI system later on

-Cylinder Head-after blowing the HG the first time i had the head skimmed and port-matched, it also has a 4X4 cam installed so it has a little more grunt

-Oil Cooler-this was an oil cooler i found at the scrappy(it was off a Volvo), i used it because the oil was getting a bit hot when running at the track

-Camshaft-this is the same one that is found in a Panda 4X4

-Fuel Pressure Regulator (6:1 rating)-this is a Mallory boost sensitive regulator(it adds 1lb of pressure for every 1psi of boost)another unit was originally used but could not compensate properly

-Boost Gauge-this is a cheap Autometer boost gauge

-Air/Fuel Gauge-this is also an Autometer unit on a 3 gauge cluster

Do remember i´m not gaining anything by posting this , just so others may be interested in udertaking a similiar project. If i missed anything please let me know either pm ot reply. I have now declared project Panda Turbo finished(until i find a way to add MPI)

Due to popular demand, my next turbo conversion is on a 1242cc 8V SPI(i´m inclined to make it MPI for the sake of simplicity)

PS: pics will be coming some time next week
if you read this far you must really be interested LOL

Dont i deserve some reputation for this? ´

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Re: Panda turbo parts list(for those that care)

I also want to say a special thanks to arseofbox for supplying me with the information to make the MPI conversion possible.

If anyone else thinks they deserve some credit for ideas i used feel free to post it, this information will be used on the project panda page of my site(under construction)
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