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How to remove your brake assembly
Published by bob3825

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How to remove your brake assembly

How to remove your brake assembly
(Rotor, pads, caliper)

1- 17mm wrench
2- Jack stands or anything to raise the car
3- Wheel nut remover or whatever its called


1-First, logically, loosen your wheel nuts then jack it up then remove the nuts and put the wheel aside.
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Name:	DSC00818.JPG
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2-You will then see something like this, now I f you had access to jack stands or you can put the whole front end in the air then you could turn the wheel so you can get easily access the nuts since they are behind the rotors.
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Name:	DSC00819.JPG
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3-Now carefully remove that thing marked in the above picture but careful to not injure yourself, after that turn the wheel to your side if you have the whole front end lifted, if you donít like in my case then you will have to stick your head behind the brakes and start wrenching.

4-If you are just removing the pads then inside this rubber cover (marked in red) you will find a bolt that needs to be removed and there is another one below but I couldnít get it in the picture so remove those and the upper part of the caliper which holds the pads will come off right away but if you just want to remove the rotors then remove the two bolts marked in black which hold the caliper to its bracket and the whole caliper will come off.
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Name:	DSC00821.JPG
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5-You should have something like this picture.
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Name:	DSC00822.JPG
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6-To remove the rotor you simply pull it out of its place and it comes right off.
Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC00823.JPG
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7-Now you do whatever you wanted to do while the brakes are off and assembly is just the opposite.
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