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Punto jtd oil overfill.

Hi, can anybody help, my son has put an extra 5 litres of engine oil in his Punto jtd, the fog has now cleared and i can see the egg on his face, i can get the engine to run on tickover but touch the accelerator and its like something out of Stephen King movie,{i have drained the excess oil off} also it thinks its a F1 car, beside the smoke it wants to rev clean off the scale up to now ive managed to shut it off before it blows up, ive run the engine for about 30 mins { on tickover} but still its smokey, i was hoping it would burn off but its not the case anybody any idears.
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Re: Punto jtd oil overfill.

the excess of oil will burn i'd imagine that's why it's revving. assuming no seals have been damaged the smoke should eventually subside. it's just a case of seeing how it goes. it may well be worth contacting a local garage and ask them what they think. i'm afraid other than that my knowledge of diesels is limited. but i have heard of engines being destroyed by being topped up with too much oil, but no idea what engines they are. hopefully it'll solve itself
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Re: Punto jtd oil overfill.

Hi mate and welcome ot the forum!!

You need to drain out the oil, and not start the car until its done. The increased pressure can cause severe damage to your engine. It may well be too late and piston rings etc may be damaged. The oil will force its way past them and into the combustion chamber, which is why your getting clouds of smoke. If it still smokes, then it may well be that the damage has been done.

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Re: Punto jtd oil overfill.

I would say you have blown a seal in the turbo... Engine is sucking in oil and that is causing it to rev up on it's own.

Get it recovered to a garage for a check, don't drive it
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