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1.3 multijet not starting when it is below 0'c

Engine turns over fine parts replaced...starter heater plugs and relay and battery ...starts with a bump / push no problem wheels hardly turn and it is ticking over and drives great and once started will start all day unless left for several hours in zinc zero temp...bump /push pish start and it will be fine again please can simone out there help....rab.
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Re: 1.3 multijet not starting when it is below 0'c

Sounds to me like a Dodgey earth?

When its very cold outside try this
- turn ignition on and wait for glowplug light to go out
Turn ignition off again
Turn ignition on and wait for glowplug light to go out
Turn off again
and turn on, wait - then crank

It may be that the plugs aren't getting hot enough to start
But it doesn't explain why bumping/jumping does

Eitheryway -
A clean all the major engine to body to battery earths up
clean the battery terminals too!
B - Stick a negative jump lead onto an engine mount then to the negative terminal
C - Find out B worked and have todo A anyway

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Re: 1.3 multijet not starting when it is below 0'c

What battery did you put in? A normal 1.2 petrol battery isn't really up to the job. Because the power is produced chemically you'll find when you stop driving the voltage in the battery is high (13+ volts) and can deliver more power but leave it a few hours and that will drop down to a more normal level 12ish volts, also when warm the engine will turn over nicely when the car is cold the 1.3 multijet is much much harder to turn over resulting in lower cranking speeds.

Throw in a dirty corroded engine earth and you'll struggle to get it started of the motor, but pushing will give you higher cranking speed so much easier to start.

What are the specs of the battery you have fitted ?

You could also try my battery maintenance video

Which shows the standard battery for your car 50Ah and 350Acc compare that to what you've had fitted
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