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Engine oil overfill?

Hi to all,

I had a regular oil/filter change (at service) about 2 weeks ago. During a first 3-5 days I could notice oil smell from the ventilation (not burning oil, just plain oil smell as you could smell it from the oil can). And then it stopped (or I just got used to it). Did not pay much attention to it, as I tought someone spilled some oil outside of the cap during oil change.

But when I checked the oil level about a week ago, I noticed that it was above normal for about 3/4 of an inch (2 cm). And it just continued to drop, and now it is just above high mark (top of the hatched area).

So I am wondering if those 2 events (smell and overfill) could be connected.

What happens if you overfill engine oil, and which amount could cause problems?
Where does the surplus go (if it does go anywhere). Does it burn? Where?

Marea 1.9 JTD, 2001, 115.000 km on the clock.

Thank you in advance
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Re: Engine oil overfill?

Over filling the engine oil can cause a few problems. The crankcase breathing system often doesn't work correctly although most will slowly loose the excess out of the breather, usually into the air intake. Whilst you have excessive oil, the crankcase pressure is usually too high so the chances of oil seals (ie crank) blowing are possible, as are leaks from other gasketed joints. The crankshaft webs often come into contact with the higher level of oil which in itself reduces the efficiency of the engine through internal drag.

It will be interesting to see if your engine continues to loose oil at the same rate now that you are near to normal levels again.
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