This guide is suitable for you if your airbag light is on and you cannot connect to the ecu through diagnostic tools.

If you have not attempted to reset the airbag light yet then first you should have a look at this video:

If you get this error when trying to connect to your airbag ecu then this guide is for you.


The first thing you need to do is find out what airbag ecu you have in your car. To do this you need to remove the 2 side vents at the bottom of the centre console

1.jpg 2.jpg

Once you have removed these side vents you should be able to see the airbag ecu attached to the floor. Before messing with the wires its very important you disconnect the battery and leave it for at least 30 minutes to prevent any risk of detonating the airbags.

Your airbag ecu will look like one of the following (There are more around with different colour labels and serial numbers
$_12 (1).JPG $_12.JPG

To remove the ecu you need to unplug the cable from the side of it then remove the 3 bolts that attach it to the floor.

Once you have removed it you need to simply source a replacement from ebay, scrapyard or your local dealer. When getting your replacement its very important you get one with the same numbers on the front and with the same coloured label as this represents how many airbags are fitted in your car. So fit the wrong one and its highly likely the airbag will go off.

Fitting the replacement is the reverse of removing it. Once you have fitted it and plugged it in you can now connect the battery back up.

Now when you start your car your airbag light should go out.

Sometimes you will be required to connect your car back to the diagnostic tool and reset the airbag light as it will now be able to communicate with it.


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