It took a while to work out how to do this as the lighting on the orange bezel made the whole thing too big to get out, but I went ahead to get a new socket from eBay (£5 from Bulgaria). Remember that electricity is dangerous even at 12volts - take the usual precautions.

The connections are different, but more of that later. Playing with the new item showed me that the metal inner clipped into the plastic orange outer and this is important as you must dismantle the thing to get the old one out and the new on in and remember the orientation of tabs and slots to get it back together.

Firstly, pull the gear-lever gaiter out of the centre console and get it out of the way.

Next, using pliers, twist and pull the metal inner away from the plastic outer, it will come free and pull off the connector.

Then the orange lighting outer will fit through the hole.

As my new connections were different, I had to dismantle the connector. Fairly simple as there are obvious tabs holding the connections in the white plastic block.

You need to insert the new orange plastic lighting ring and feed the car's socket cables and the lighter's lighting cables back through the centre of the orange ring.

Then connect the light power cable to the yellow cable from the block. Use an insulating sleeve or similar to isolate. Earthing the light showed that there was power when I tested with the lights on - so far so good.

Connected the black earth cable to one of the spade terminals and insulate it. I used this as an earthing point for the lighting also.

Red power cable is next - insulated too.

Press the metal centre of the lighter into the outer ring - you will need to ensure that it is correctly clipped in. but if you took note of how it came apart, that will be easy.

Once everything was back, I switched on the ignition and pressed cigarette plug down. seconds later it popped out glowing merrily and I had power in the cockpit again.

Took about 30 mins

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