To remove the window from inside of the car pull the lip of the rubber seal up with one hand and gently tap the window at the same point with the other. Best to start at the lower rear corner as it is the weakest point of the seal.

Once you get about half way go outside the car and use one hand to support the window and the other pushing gently outwards from inside the tailgate.

As soon as the window had only the B pillar seal use both hands to wobble it out carefully.


To refit you'll need a length of close line about five feet long.

Wrap the close line around the inner seal of the window...


...making sure the line meets at the bottom of the window.

Place the glass into position ensuring the lower seal is over the lip of the window frame...


...and the line is inside the car.

Now pulling upwards and along the seal gentle pull the line out of the seal...


...making sure the seal goes over the lip and tapping the glass gently as you go round.

Once you get back to the bottom of the window remove the line and gently press the window from outside until it no longer has any movement. Clean the hand prints off and you're done. :)