When the wheel is removed you get a good view of the axle:

First thing is to remove the centre nut securing the axle to the brakes. (use the parking-brake, then the discs will hold the axle in place)

After losening the nut with the brakerbar, I used a machine to spin it off.

On the back, there's 4 bolts (19mm) holding the brake-calipers, discs and wheels onto the suspension.

I highly recommend some sort of powertool to spin these off, it was very difficult to get any socket on there, and much more so spinning them by hand.

Since mine were very stuck i soaked them in wd40

When the 4 bolts came loose I used a prybar to remove the assembly.

brakedisc etc were then tied to the highest point I could find, the suspension in this case, so no weight were put on the brake-lines.

Then removing the lower attachment-point for the shock-absorber, to allow the whole thing to move down. (notice the position of the jack)

Here seen loose.

Lifting the car further than my jackstands would allow, I got the suspension down as far as it would, and with a bit of force, the wheel-end of the cv-axle came out.
IMG_5309.JPG IMG_5307.JPG

Don't forget to drain the differential at this point, or earlier as the oil will otherwise spill on the ground. (The drain-hole will take a 14mm hexkey)

Unfortunately the circlip holding the cv-axle in the rear differential had gotten stuck, and no amounts of hammering, pulling or prying would make it release its grip, so eventually it came apart.

A slidehammer, and a pair of vicegrips tied together solved 4 hours of hammering, pulling and swearing in 4 minutes.

I found that placing the wheel-end of the cv-axle first, and then sliding the differential-end in afterwards was the easiest way.

From this point on, its just reinserting the nuts and bolts as they were removed, dont forget to fill the differential with oil through the filler-hole before driving off. Consider using some brake-cleaner, if you got any oil on your dics.

For some silly reason the centre-nut in the front takes a thin 36mm socket, and the centre-nut in the back needs a 32mm socket

I hope this is useful for someone, Tobias