Quick guide for making panels for 16cm speakers:

First u make wood rims, u can make double rims that the speaker fits in (like mine) - look second pic

Then u have to put some bolts in existing holes and glue them very hard - u can screw everything together from the inside of the doors (i used photo of previous car)

Then u glue wooden rims to plastic the way u want, u can cut plastic or put something under - its the way u want.
Be careful, check your speaker depth!
Then use poliester kit with fiber to fill empty space betwen wood and wooden rims. If u want that poliester to stick better to plastic panel u have to make small holes and push the polyester kit trouhg the holes.

Than use poliester kit without fiber and make the surface as smoth as posible and spray it if u wont dress it up

in between check if it fits nice in car - close door too! :)

Then u can spray it or dress it up in whatever u want.

I hope u understand everything i wrote.. and that it is helpful :)
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