Heres what you will need to do:
Remove the top engine steady bar and the alloy block it is attached to on the engine.
Remove the fuel filter assembly complete.
Remove the bracket that holds the cam sensor plug and dip-stick top mounting.
To remove the PAS pulley: the pump shaft has a 3/8" (imperial, yes I know!?) hex socket in the end of it. Use an allen key to hold while removing the three M8 hex bolts(13mm socket).
The only time I had to get underneath was to undo the dip-stick tube bottom mounting. Everything else is done from the top.
Pull the dip-stick tube out of its hole and move out of the way, you will have to release various wiring clips as well.
You will need to undo the alternator top mounting bolt, (careful, there is a spacer don't lose it) and remove it.
Then undo the top alternator bracket that sits directly under the PAS pump. I left one bolt in this bracket (unscrewed half way), and that gave enough clearance to remove the pump (with its pipe bracket attached). One hose disconnects with a nut, the other with a hose clip. The hose clip is one of those special automotive ones, I released it, then used a Jubilee clip on reassembly.
Put plenty of floor protection underneath as hydraulic fluid goes everywhere!
Re-assembly is actually easier than getting the old one out. Try and leave a whole day to do it.