small chips & bleishes are best repaired with a can of touch in paint & a brush. for larger jobs, use an aerosol spray. if possible, work in dry, warm, dustless but well ventilated atmosphere. metallic paint finishes contain minute flakes of bright metal, possibly covered by a coat of transparent lacquer. aerosol & brush on kits for these types of finish are available, but it is almost impossible to reproduce the exact shade because the mixtuer of paint & flakes is critical, as are the temperature & conditions in which spraying is carried out. except for small jobs, or spraying less obvious areas such as front bumper aprons, it it better to have the work done professionally. plain finishes are easier to match, but you must obtain the exact shade recommended by the car manufacturer a slight colour variation is a obvious. often the code number of the paint is stamped on the car identification plate, & a retouching kit can be bought from a main dealer for the make if not available from a paint store. if the code number is not on the plate, quote the car make, model & year, the colour name, & the chassis number (always on the plate).