now then guys its pritty simple realy the hardest part is to split the two parts of the badge

you will need

  • black paint
  • white paint
  • grey filling primer
  • masking tape
  • small flat head screwdriver
  • paint thinners (nail varnish remover)
  • cotton buds
  • small paintbrush
first things firs you should have your badge infront of you if you look at the badge it is in two peices the outside chrome ring and the inner design saying fiat in red fiat_bdg_ns_2_717.jpg (sorry about the picture i didnt have a pic of the badge before i started :bang:)

i seperated the badge by geting a stanely knife and running it round the outside edge of the red part the slide the blade under it and slightly prise it up and place a small flat screwdriver in the gap and prise both parts apart.

they are both held together with a doubble sided sticky pad.

you should now have two parts the outer ring and backing plate outer plate.jpg

and the red fiat emblem Image017.jpg (as before i didnt have a picture of the before i started the work)

you need to get the paint thinners (nail varnish remove is best) and put it onto a cotton pad and take off all the red paint and the grey fiat emblem this will take a while but with some persuasion should come off.

you are then left with a clear transparant plastic badge with fiat pressed into it.

you then need to choose what colour you want the fiat emblem to be i chose black so i got a 2 letre bottle top and poord some black plastic paint into it. i then pourd the paint onto the fiat emblem so it made like a mould Image017.jpg i then left it over night to dry. dont wurry if the paint goes all over Image019.jpg
it is easy to get off the exess with a cotton bud with some thinners on it wen it has dryd (just make shure you dont let the thinners drip into the recess were you have pourd the paint or it will eat away at the paint and you will have to do the whole pouring paint buisness again.

when you have removed all the exess paint and made shure it is all dry you then need to turn the badge around and make shure there are no gaps in the paint and you are happy so far if you have gaps just pour more paint into the recess and leave to dry again.

when you are happy with it all you can then start to paint the part that was red.painted white.jpg

i chose to paint this part white, to do this i just got a small paint brush and some thick white plastic paint (you could use white metal paint aslong as it is thick enough to stick to plastic) and painted around the fiat emblem that you have just filld with paint if the fiat emblem is dry you dont have to wurry about geting paint on it because it wont show through and it doesnt matter if it looks a mess from the back because the backing will be on.

wait for it all to dry then turn it over and it should look somting like this Image024.jpg

if it does you can move onto the silver backing plate i got some fine sandpaper and ruffd up the whole crome outer ring that will be showing, i then sprayed on two coats of plastic filling primer onto it then 3 coats of plastic gloss paint outer plate.jpg (this picture is after the 1st coat of black paint)

i then waited for it all to dry then got some double sided sticky foam (the same as the stuff you 1st had to remove of the badge) and cut it to the shape of the white and black fiat insert and stuck it back into the backing. the finishd product should look somting like this Image002.jpg (the reason the black outer ring on the picture is so dull is because it only had a black base coat and not the 3 coats of gloss)

:worship:I AM SORRY ABOUT MY SPELLING :worship: