This guide covers how to remove and rear engine/gearbox mount and how to install the Powerflex poly insert.

The mount in question attaches the rear of the gearbox to the car and may need replacing if worn, I simply chose to upgrade by installing the Powerflex poly insert which cost around £20 (bought from ebay) in order to stiffen up the mount and hopefully preserve the gearbox a little!

Difficulty: Easy enough, a case of undoing nuts and bolts
Time: no more than an hour for a half decent DIYer

Tools required:
Lifting equipment - jack, axle stands etc.
Socket set/spanners to remove exhaust bolts (if necessary) - mine were 13 and 10mm bolts
E18 torx socket
Long socket wrench or breaker bar - the bolts holding my mount on were very tight, I used a 600mm breaker bar

1. I had to move the exhaust out of the way on mine to access the bolt on the side of the mount - this may not be necessary for everyone if their exhaust is different as mine is custom.

To do this I removed the 3 bolts holding my exhaust onto the pre-cat decat pipe:


As well as these 2 bolts:


And the 2 exhaust hangers:


At this stage I also had to remove one of the bolts holding my Forge underbody brace and rotate it out of the way - again only necessary for some people.

2. Remove the mount - this consists of 2 E18 torx bolts: one on the side and one below, remove both completely:


3. Wiggle the mount out, may take some pushing and pulling on the gearbox to allow space but it will come.

4. Either refit the replacement mount from Fiat in the reverse of the removal or insert the Powerflex poly insert, don't try and cut out the old bush, the insert literally slots into the mount along with the bush as seen below:


Link to the insert:
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