This guide shows you the best way to change the headlight bulbs on a 3 door Stilo. This involves removing the front bumper and the light clusters from the car. Changing the bulbs with the clusters in the car is almost impossible!

1. Removing the front wheel arch liner

This is secured with three screws. Two on the edge and one at the back near the brake hose mounts. Undo these and pull the liner out of the way (might help to point the wheels into the car to help with access)

2. Removing the bumper

You now need to remove the 4 torx bolts on top on the bumper, next to the grill.

Next, look into the wing where the arch liner was, you need to remove two bolts that secure the bumper to the wing. One 10mm bolt and one torx bolt. These can be quite tricky to remove and see. Get a torch to help to see what you are doing.

Finally, remove the under tray if fitted from under the car, and then remove the 4 torx bolts that secure the bottom of the bumper.

The bumper should now lift off the car!

3. Remove the bumper mounts

Look under the head lights, and you should see a piece of black plastic that the bumper rests on. Remove this by unscrewing the two 8mm bolts.

4. Remove the headlights

You can now remove the headlights by unscrewing the nuts (one on the bottom left and one of the bottom right) and the screw (top right) and disconnect the wiring from the back of the light (do this by pushing the gray locking ring sideways and pull backwards to remove the plug). You can now remove the headlights from the car!

5. Change the bulbs

Change the bulbs in the headlight on a nice flat surface making sure that you don’t touch any the glass part of the new bulbs.

6. Refit the headlight

Refit the headlight back into the car and connect back up the wiring. Make sure that all the new bulbs work before fitting the mounts/bumper again!

8. Refit the mounts/bumper and liners

Refit everything in the same order that it came off. The only tricky part is getting the inner wing bumper screws in place.

7. Have a beer!

Have a cold beer and feel pleased that your hands and arm aren’t cut to shreds from trying to fit new bulbs with the lights still in the car!