Panda (Classic) White Mk1 Panda 45CL


This is the white mk1 45CL I rescued recently. He's been in storage for a few years since the elderly owner died, but now back up and running. Showing a heady 12000 miles, and with all the old MOT's, he had to be saved!

Future uncertain in terms of where he will end up, but it has to be a good home if/when he moves on........

These pictures were taken in between snow showers today (yep that's snow falling in pics 4 & 5!). Having washed the car, the paint was disappointingly dull, with deep black ingrained dirt, and black streaks everywhere. It looked better dirty.......

Today I did stage one and two of the Meguiars three stage polishes (followed by a quick flash over with Meguairs Quikwax), and wow what a difference - paint has come to life, gone white, and shines - lots of work needed as this was a quick attempt at making semi presentable for a show, but some potential there I think......... (y) Don't worry it's nowhere near as perfect as it may look in the photos, but very good for a mk1.

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