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What Does Everyone Think?


As a lot of you will know my GP was up for sale as i was buying myself something a little different. Well, unfortunately it didnt take anyones fancy on here which is a great shame but luckily as soon as i put the word about that it was for sale someone approached me and the deal was done, didnt even need to advertise which was a bonus.

I would really like to thank all of the friendly members that have given me advice and help during the time i have had the car and i can only hope that i have managed to return the favour to others.

Even though the GP is set to go when my registration comes off it i still plan on visiting here to see how things are going with everyone else and to have a chat.

It will be a sad day for me when it leaves but hopefully my new S3 will help soften the blow, :D.

Here are a few photos for those that are interested.



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