Grande Punto T-Jet down under.


Sorry this is a bit of a double up as I have this also in Grand punto section but could not add photos yet.

Had my Punto since April 2009. I wanted a cheap car as a daily driver and having a bit of motorway use I needed cruise control. By the time I priced the normal cars avalable here in Australia I noticed Fiat were clearing there 2007 built Puntos. I managed to get a 2008 built T-Jet for less than the basic Japanese car that everyone else buys. Bonus I thought although resale is shocking as no one knows they exist but much more fun and the best looking hatch available here.

So far I have tinted the windows to the legal darkest tint and thats it (sorry recoloured the steering wheel and handbrake stitching the other day which I saw on here).
Plans are to lower it,
remove Fiat and Punto badges (there is not many Puntos here so most people havent a clue what I drive).
replace front grill for badgeless grill and vinyl bumper (although I also have an Audi Q5 so don't want to make them to similar).
Thinking of changing the tail lights and headlights to others that I have seen on here.
Thought of painting the wheels but I do like the factory rims and the colour.
Prefer the shark fin antenna to the Fiat antenna.
Change the induction system and try and find someone to remap her and that should do it.

Pictures below are a few years old but not much has changed.

I did remove the Punto badge yesterday..getting a price to remove and fill the Fiat badge, don't know about that yet

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