Punto Evo Sporting 135bhp - What Do You Think?


Hello FF Community!

Here is my Punto Evo Sporting - 135bhp/207nm. As much as I wish I was an Abarth owner, I'm not (YET), and I couldn't have been due to the insurance issues and budget for the car in the first place. £1600 for Tesco Black Box insurance as a 19 year old was bad enough for me after months of trying to get it down, no luck whatsoever! But my next car will be, without doubt, an Abarth!

Considering I'd never seen a Punto Evo like this before purchasing it, I was pretty impressed/surprised to see one looking like this. The additional extras were all very welcome, and will be listed below for anyone who is interested:

- Sunroof
- Upgraded Sound System (with Boot Sub-Woofer)
- Cruise Control
- Rear Parking Sensors
- Front Middle Arm Rest
- Full Leather interior (Chairs, Dash, Front & Rear Doors)
- Red Brake Callipers
- 17" Five Split-Spoke Alloys
- TomTom SatNav Dashboard Port
- Side Skirts
- Full Sized Spare Wheel

Current Modifications:

  • BMC Panel Filter Upgrade (From Abarth SuperSport)
  • Stubby Silver Aerial
  • Air Box DIY Modifications
  • Team Heko Tinted Wind/Rain Deflectors

Future/Planned Modifications:

  • Possible remap from 135bhp/207nm to 165bhp/280nm
  • Full Custom Exhaust System
  • Possible Lowering by around 40-60mm
  • Windmirror Upgrade To Carbon
  • Possible Front Splitter (Subtle & Stylish, not over the top)
  • Possible Induction Kit
Any other future modifications that you think would be great for this car are welcome for suggestion!

To finish off, I'd love to hear your opinions on the car and whether you think it's a good half way mark for the dream Abarth I was after, which I will get my hands on one day.

Thanks to everyone in advance for any responses and opinions on the first car!





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