Punto (Mk1) Rawbs Shed.


After searching for weeks for a suitable Mk1 Sporting Punto and finding nothing but lemons and winning a HGT Punto on eBay... (not being able to insure it) I decided I had enough of finding crap and wanted something genuine.

Now in all honesty, while I was looking for Sportings I was kicking myself in the face after not being able to buy Misseys Sporting a couple of months ago. :cry:

I wanted something that was genuine, low ish miles. Well looked after but not too tidy.

Here comes my 3rd Punto. My second 60 and my second Green Punto. :eek:

(excuse the lack of photos and the poor quality)

The basics -
Dents everywhere.
54k Mileage, with full service history.
Cambelt change 5k ago.
1 Owner since new.

It ticked the boxes I needed.

After first inspections, It needed a new cam cover gasket and a new clutch servo as both were leaking.

The cam gasket was done today and I cleaned it up after hours of faffing around.

The state before:

The moderately clean finished product:

I don't know why I posted a thread, but in all honesty I can't see it getting updated much as I don't like taking photos of a Fiat. My neighbours give me funny looks... :rolleyes:

Not sure on updates, perhaps some sideskirts if I can find any, maybe some suitable alloys and some front sporting springs/dampers as theses are a bit spongy.

But apart from using it and enjoying it, I can't see much reason to change a cheap car. (y)

P.s. - Why are the pictures small? :eek:

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