Grande Punto Rake's Grande


Grande Punto 1.4 8v Dynamic, Merengue Orange, 3 door

Current Mods....

Decked on Coilovers, No Helpers or Adjusters

Rial 16" alloys, 9J all round, et25

185/45/16 for stretch

Tinted side repeaters, Orange

European reverse light for rear fog, chrome red bulb

Retrofitted fog lights, wired to work as indicators

FK Badgeless grill

White Dials

Orange dial surround

Orange glovebox handle

Changed seats

Sporting Backbox

Orange Sidelights

Osram Nightbreaker Plus Headlight bulbs

Yellow H4 bulb covers

De Punto'd boot

Rear VW badge

Carbon vinyl front bumper

Abarth front and rear lights

Future Mods

Gloss black roof

Gloss black front bumper

Front splitter.... Cupra R maybe

Smoothed Boot

New sound system

Anyways, let me know what you think....
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