Punto Evo Punto Evo 2010 1.4


This is how she started off... still looking good :D
Car at Wessex (1).jpg

I then tinted the rear windows @20%.. not too dark.. not too light
and then purchased a set of 17 inch alloy wheels :)
I then sprayed the rear brakes as they were really visible through the alloy spokes and had a cheeky rusty orange on them, so a quick spray of black and it looks 10 times better (y)

Further down the line I decided to mess about with the lights. I bought 501 leds for the number plate, sidelights, boot light, glove box light and then festoon leds for the interior reading lights.

I also purchased some cheap blue tint bulbs for the main headlights. These were a temporary solution to see what it would look like. I've now purchased some night breakers :D

FRONT.jpgfront dim.jpgside view.jpg

I really want to lower the car, not much.. just to reduce the ridiculous arch gap... but thats more money and also presents insurance problems.. so I guess I can't do it :'( I did think about getting an air filter, purely for the sound.. but after discussing it on here I kinda backed off from it for now..

Anyway, whats your opinions? Thanks for viewing :slayer:

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