Panda Panda 100HP

2009 Panda 100HP


This is my recently acquired Panda 100HP and I'm so pleased with it. I purchased a 1.2 Eleganza a couple of years ago as a daily driver and as something for my daughter to leant to drive in. I did quite a bit of work on that car, clutch slave cylinder thermostat, alternator, all the brakes as well as fitting 500 from seats. I just love the quirky Panda, its more like an old mini (of which I had and built up a number in the very dim and distant past) than anything I'd driven for a long time and was cheap and reliable.

My daughter passed her test and is now living in London so I wanted something a bit quicker and what better than the 100HP.

This one has already been lowered and I love the look but I did manage to split the sump withing hours of getting it home !. I Not the best way to get to know your new car but we got it fixed and its been ripping up my commute for a few weeks now,

I'm planning on putting in a cheap 2DIN touch screen head unit and the drivers seat needs a bit of foam but all in all it seems in good shape.


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