Punto (Mk2/2b) Out with the old, in with the new (my punto mk2a progress thread).


unfortunatly on fri 13th of all days i crashed my car :(
in the wet.
i wasnt speeding but the back end slid out as i was leavin a corner(bend in the road).
tryed controling it but it started snakin.managed to avoid all the oncoming traffick.but hit a parked car with the side of mine wich caterpulted me into the curb witch ripped the tire off the rim and that spun me into a 360 spin wich i managed to controle as the back end was lifting up i stopped it from roling onto the roof.im well gutted
i realy am devistated as id just got it to look how i wanted it.
but it could have been a lot worse. i could have hit the oncoming cars or roled it but i manged to avoid both with quick thinking.
i was unhurt. just realy shook up. (n)

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