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Howdy people, so a while back I was looking at getting a new(ish) Panda 4x4 / cross and ended up getting a Focus estate :rolleyes:
After viewing a car that Carpy63 had for sale and being picked up in his fantastic 100 I decided that at some stage I had to get me one of these little beasts.
So, here she is fresh off the transporter, our '07 100, she's got 69k on the clock, is is really nice nick, not had a really forensic look underneath but overall a nice clean car.
Current mods that have been performed are:

Induction kit
Stainless cat-back system that rattles, rubber mounts need replacing.
Pioneer android system.
Oodles of speakers with a sub that has replaced the glovebox that will have to go, luckily the seller kept the glovebox.

Jobs that need doing...

The driver's seat is a bit naff so I'm in the process of trying to source some Abarth seats.

Discs and pads need replacing, the seller had already bought them but not got round to it, one of the rear bearings is shot, again seller provided that.

The passenger side fog is rusty so that'll need replacing, I'm contemplating some fogs with halo DRLs, anyone done this, recommendations?

The plastic that surrounds the side of the rear seats is cracked, gonna have to see if I can source replacements for that...Would I need 100 specific plastics or would any Panda (with the right colour) surround plastics fit?

It got here about an hour ago and I've had a quick blast around the lanes and what a joyous thing it is :slayer:

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