500 Original Cindy - v2.0


As awaited by a few, here are the latest pics of my Original Cindy Cosmetic Rock and Roll Upgrade.

One of the overriding reasons I bought Cindy was the 500 signalled fun. Not just a super fly economical car, but something fun to drive. God knows the commute is tiresome at best.

Some of you may like this, it's really ok if you don't. I'll be keeping Cindy until her wheels (and possible chrome) fall off so have designed it to be 100% me. Cheers to everyone else out there that has taken their own spin to their 500's.

Before shots:

Begining of the Gok Wan Treatment:

Taping up the Abar after some tiger seal, that stuff is lethal.
Removing my number plates to prepare for operation chrome overload.
Chrome fitted.
Apologies forgot to rotate this one! Has abar and bonnet chrome in place.

Time for some skulls.. .
Custom skull chrome decal.

500 decals on the side in chrome

Original Cindy decal on rear.
Rear number plate trim.

Interior Courtney Love Treatment:
Rock and roll zebra print mats

Obligatory dashboard skull
My now famous visor covers.

Last pic of me and Original Cindy after a days fun!

I'm still awaiting delivery of the chrome mirrors and to remove the bloody dealer sticker that is welded on. That will be next weekend!

Had a proper giggle making Cindy even more rock and roll than she was before. Already had a few double takes on the way to work. If any one wants to know where I got the decals I ordered them from Richard was very helpful and even threw in a few freebie duplicates in case I buggered them up!

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