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Grande Punto Not To Everones Taste.


OK, so not everyone will like this and everyone has there own views, but, i got a tad bored over the weekend and had a spare 10 mins on my hands. SOOOO i removed 'Punto' from the rear of the car, and decided i didnt want to throw it away, so had a moment of madness and placed it else where on the car, (all pics attached) i have actually decided i like it, and most other people that have seen it love it, all opinions welcome.

Also, as im new here (wrong place to post it i know but why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone) My name's Shaun Ward, 18 years of age, work as an IT Technician, and live in Northampton, can hopfully meet you guys at alot of meets / events, i shall be making an appearance at the one coming up soon at sixfields (anyone else there)

also the car is a 1.4 16v sporting.

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