Barchetta New Member from France ! 95 in restoration.


Hi everyone,

Been a silent reader on this forum since a year or two, and finally decided to become more implicated to help people with their barchetta problems and/or questions.

Got mine since 2007, orange one with 75k km on the clock, hard top, and a broken soft top.
Since then i changed a lot of things on the car, soft top structure restoration, new soft top, suspensions, brakes disks and pads, throttle Idling controller restoration, flowmeter restoration. One day near the 100K mark, the cambelt broke on me, and i buyed a 2nd hand engine with 60k , on wich i learned a lot.
I bought timing belt tools and changed it, as camshaft seals, crankshaft seals, gearbox seals, new clutch, injectors ultrasound cleaning .

Then my orange B was back on the road, but since then i continue to restore parts that becoming rusty on it. i'm actually on the whole rear structure, changed the two rear arms, making new brake lines from the center of the car and de-rusting and protecting the rear frame parts. Last thing after all that will be the re-painting of the car by myself too, may be for this summer.

You got all the story ;) See you on the forum !

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