Cinquecento N246 UCF Mighty Mouse The First Van Aaken Turbo


Some may already know of this car. It was first registered to van aaken themselves and was their development car for their turbo kits. It was used as their press car and has so far featured in auto italia, an unknown French magazine also is in the small fiat book.

When I first saw this for sale I wanted it but didn't think that I would actually come to own it. To me it is such an important piece of cento history so has to be saved. Pics are to come I haven't got the car yet should be with me Tuesday when I'll be like a kid at Christmas.

The plan for now I'm going to give it a thorough service. Ill put on a new crank sensor and put a new engine loom on that ill mod to the turbo application as I believe current loom has been hacked about a bit this will also mean that a new lambda will plug straight in. That will get it running I'll chuck some new tyres on it to get it mot. Then I've got a mate who will hopefully spray the rear quarter for me then I'll treat it to a full machine polish, new graphics and a few bits under the bonnet re painting, re jigging etc. in the end I'd hope for it to look exactly like it did when it featured in auto italia.

The eventual plan is a full rebuild incl engine, stainless mani, oil cooler etc but that's to come once my 1.4 is finished to the spec that I want it

I've never owned a turbo petrol before so it's going to be a bit of a learning curve so there'll be plenty of silly questions appearing at one time or another:rolleyes:

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