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heres my 1999 t reg seicento sporting, i posted it on here ages ago and upon recently passing my test and getting insured etc i can start to mod it again...

i'm liking the rally look hence why it is stripped out, i'm tempted to rip carpets up but i'm not sure yet...

not going to lower it; yes it looks awsome when lowered but its not for me yet anyways... plus i didnt think you lowered rally cars? :p

and i'm thinking of mud flaps.. not sure which ones yet any suggestions?

getting the wheels refurbed in metalic grey or satin black this weekend
ordered some clear indicacators and repeaters - may lightly tint the rear clusters
and ordered some manifold heat wrap

plus i'm thinking i need a deeper exhaust sound, as my mates say it sounds like a hair dryer in 1st untill induction roar kicks in, in 2nd at 2/3000 rpm :p bearing in mind one of my mates has a 2.0l ford sierra cosworth which sounds beatiful, rw drive too so its fun in the wet :rolleyes:
it has a brand new system on so is it better just getting a direct fit baxk box from from ebay? and are they DIY-able?

think that's it for now... unless you guys have any oppinions/suggestions i'm open to all..

cheers guys

and heres a few pics i took a few hours ago when i got back from college (y)


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