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Grande Punto My Red GP T-jet!


Hello everyone,

So I've had my car for around 6 months now and have made a few threads about individual parts of my car. So I thought I should start my members motor thread (should of done this earlier!).

I'll just be throwing everything I've done so far into this post and then I'll update accordingly :)

So first off, the purchase:

This was one of the pictures took by the garage, they didn't clean it up as they should of and this pic didn't do it justice, but I saw the potential haha ;)

Garage pic.jpg

And this is one when I got it home

First car pic.JPG

It then got a proper wash at some point

car cleaned 1.JPG
car cleaned 2.JPG
car cleaned 3.JPG

My first purchase was an Abarth aerial, not much but it all adds up!

abarth aerial.jpg

I then realised that 2 of my alloys were buckled :( So I bought the optional upgrade alloys off someone on here :slayer:

new alloys pic 1.jpg
new alloys pic 2.JPG

Along with buying the alloys I also bought Abarth front headlights, worked out a good deal for both alloys and headlights as I bought them together (considering both alloys and headlights could literally of passed as brand knew) (y)

abarth front light.JPG

There was a bit of an issue regarding the fitment of my Abarth headlights, it appears my car was produced in the cut-over between the S1 and the S2. Cosmetically mine looks all S2 but the headlight connectors were S1 and I had bought the S2 version of headlights. So off down to the scrappy I went, look what I came back with...S2 headlights connectors!

s2 connectors.JPG

As some of you may of noticed from the previous pictures - BULBS :) Thought I'd buy some osram bulbs all round before I fitted the abarth headlights. Osram Night Breaker Unlimited, Osram Cool Blue Intense and Osram Diadem.

osram bulbs.jpg
osram sidelights.jpg
abarth light nearside.jpg
abarth light offside.jpg
abarth lights.jpg

It was then given a full wash, polish and protection with the Auto Glym products

good clean 1.jpg
good clean 2.jpg
good clean 3.jpg
good clean 4.jpg
good clean 5.jpg

And here's a bit of beading after using AG products for a while


And for my final update of this post, I vinyl wrapped my door pillars yesterday! As I'm sure most of us know the horrible black plastic that was there originally was so badly scuffed and scratched I decided it needed to change. I actually forgot to get a pic of the original vinyl but trust me it was horrible haha.

Here's the pillar with no vinyl

pillar no vinyl.JPG

And here's the carbon fibre effect (can't take all credit, the girlfriend gave me a hand too)

carbon pillar 1.JPG
carbon pillar 2.JPG
carbon pillar 3.JPG
carbon pillar 4.JPG

It's not 100% perfect but I'm pretty happy with it, was thinking of buying some matte black pinstripe or something to mask over the top and bottom of the pillars to give it a clean cut finish.

And that's all for now! Hope you like what I've done with it so far, as for the future I'm thinking of:

  • EBC turbo grooved discs all round with EBC greenstuff all round
  • Remap
  • Rear tints
  • Paint brake calipers
And I'm sure some other things will happen along the way.


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