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Hi all, I have had my punto for nearly a year now and it was completely standard from the start... It's not been without its problems, I had a seized rear caliper which I had to send away to be refurbished, I've had a vacuum pipe on the turbo split due to deterioration and lastly but certainly now least I had total engine failure at 76k :'( however after 16 New valves, some head work, New set off gaskets, timing belt, coil pack, plugs and filters and oil... It's up and running better than ever :) so far I've repainted the rear calipers yellow and fitted new discs and pads, tinted the three rear windows and disconnected the excess turbo air recycling crap that takes the left over turbo pressure and feeds it back into the intake and placed a breather filter on the electronic actuator just to give that whoosh sound :)

Hopefully weather permitting I will fit my custom induction this afternoon and then should here the turbo a bit more...

Looking to exchange turbo for vl36 along with a remap, but will be going cat back ss exhaust first as I here there are some good gains to be had doin this first :)

Will be dropping it to the floor once exhaust in place, just springs as coil overs are just to much for day to day use me thinks and then prob some abarth headlights...

Well that's all I can think off for now lol there is probably so much more to do but that's enough for now.... I'll add some pics and keep updating as it go's along.... Any advice or recommendations gratefully received :D

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