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I decided to start a new thread as the old one was full of rubbish over too many pages.

So, the day I picked the car up it looked like:

I then changed the wheels to these which I really though looked good on the car:

I then changed all my bulbs and the front and added some dim interior footwell lighting (Pic to follow)

Someone was over the wrong side of the road and caught my mirror which was my first very minor bump and made this mark which is currently the only one on the car

I then bought some abarth alloys and painted my calipers red which I think looks brilliant on the car and makes it stand out even more!

and then I added a few stickers:

I dont really have any more plans for the car and im happy how it looks now. I am more than likely to change a few things in the future but it all depends on the insurance and the cost!

Any thoughts welcome!

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