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I ve just post it in the newbie section. I want to show you what I am driving and what my plans for it are.

So I bought Fiat Punto mk2b 1.2 active sport 8v last monday for a good price ( I think). Its 2003, 53 plate with 58k on it for now. After looking for a first car for about a month I bought that punto. The car is very nice to drive I love it. Had a problem with it last week. I went to birmingham and when I was on the traffic light my speedo stop working so I stop at the car park which was round the corner and switch off the engine, and then switch on again. and after that engine managment light comes on and also the red steering wheel light. Was a bit scared to be honest as that was my first time . So I decided to drive back home to coventry and I went to garage to check it. They plugged in the diagnostic plug and they said its faulty speed sensor. But they after both light comes off and speedo was working fine. Then next day I had another problem because I reverse then I put 1st gear and very loud noise was coming from the engine I thought its a gearbox,maybe the gear didnt was not putted right, so I switch off the engine and the switch on again and everything was fine then after that I had no problems with the car till sunday when that noise came back but this time I was with my dad we were seating in the car because we were trying to get gps signal and that noise came back. The car was on neutral gear I havent got my foot on any pedals. Then same thing happen yesterday and today I went to mechanic to talk with him about it. The engine was runing for 10 mins and there was no noise, so I drive away and on the way back I leave roundbout and that noise came this time was when I was driving so I pulled out to the nearest free side but that noise was gone and its hard to explain that noise how it sound.

Ok a bit of story for yaa to read sorry.
Oh yeah I forgot when I went to the mechanic about that noise someone was reversing next to me and he didnt check left mirror I think because he didnt noticed that I am next to him and he just reverse on to me so the left passenger doors have a big dent because of that idiot. but the thing is he was working at that garage so he said that they will fix it for me as its his fault. First he was trying to say that it is my fault but then he said its his because he didnt check the mirror and he didnt noticed that I was there.
but you will the dent on the picture.

But here's are the pictures of the car

So plans are :
Fix that left door to be as it should to be.
Polish left headlight ( already ve got the polish stuff to do it )
I want to tint a bit rear sides windows and the one one back
New Head unit as for now I am using FM transmitter so I can listen music from usb.
Fiat punto floor matts
Polish whole car
badgeless front grill
Sort out that noise if I will know what exactly its

Any comments feel free to say


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