Panda 2012+ My Panda 4x4 TwinAir Antarctica


Ok after a break from Fiat ownership, my last one was a Stilo back in 2017, I've gone back to my roots and got myself a Panda, the first car I ever drove on the road was an original Panda way back in the 1980s. There weren't many 4x4 ones around back then but I did see one and told myself I would have one of those someday lol
Anyway fast forward many years, I now have one, a lovely example in superb mint condition, very low miles. I did look at a green one but this one came up for the same money, I think I made the right choice, I'm not a big fan of white cars but there is a lot of black on this model including the roof to break it up and add some contrast, the orange details on the interior are growing on me as is the little 875cc Twin cylinder engine, which is surprisingly nimble and agile.
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