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Panda 2012+ My new Panda 4x4


Here are a couple of photos of my new Panda 4x4 TA.

It is in the Mediterranean Bluewhich suits it quite well but does show up the dirt. On the extras I got the rear privacy glass which is great for my son in the back instead of using sun shades. Also got the 'Winter Pack' which included heated windscreen and heated seats (which are just odd). Got the three seats in the rear with the 60/40 split which is cosy when there is a car seat on one of them but I'm in the front so I don't mind :) Didn't get the spacesaver tyre and instead have the filling kit, but plumbed for the flex pack which meant it has the cargo tray in the boot.

Only thing that confused me was that the trip computer B had more miles on it than the official odometer, but then I read that the garage can reset the odometer but they hadn't reset the trip.

Just love it.

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