Punto (Mk2/2b) My MK2


Seems like a while since my last Fiat, this is the fourth in nearly ten years of driving. Deffo won't be the last :)

As some of you will know I had a Bravo HGT not so long ago. Only owned it for 6 months before some eejit over the road from me parked his Focus on top of it. That, as they say, was that.

Ran a vec for a while - 18 months to be exact - but it was scrapped last week as MOT time and 190k on the clock approached. With the price of petrol going up and up, ditto insurance, I've decided to do something sensible so have got a MK2 Punto. Just a base model 1.2 but it's gonna be a lot more economical to run. Much more economical.

Proper pics to follow, but glad to be driving Italian again.

Long term plans - keep it mechanically sound, maybe tidy up a few blemeshis on the bodywork side and a set of alloys. Possibly coupes or Punto sporting/gt's. Will see :)
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