Punto (Mk1) My Mk1 Punto 60s


After the demise of my beloved Ax GT I bought a little 60 to keep me going until I could buy another Ax

Fourtunatly(sp?) I have fell in love with the little beast and have put a lot of effort into getting it running and looking right

Still not finished but in first stage after plenty of G3 and mopping action

Ive fitted 40mm lowering springs all round with new shocks and got some abarth cinq 13 wheels wacked on there.

Stage 2 plans:

Polsihed alu abarth wheels
white cheq roof
Bonnet bra
Finish making custom subrames for fitment of cinq sporting seats (gt seats in atm but broke)

1.2 16v engine transplant with GSR/RED DOT remap = 95-100hp

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