Punto (Mk1) My mk1 1.1


Hi all, joined today! Im Andreas Otten and live in the netherlands.
Around 3 years ago i bought my first car yes its this one.
After a year of driving the garage said it had to be demolished, i did not agree, tha garage i bought it from didn't either, after some body work, and new parts it was ready to go again. Then i decided to upgrade some stuff.
Some upgrades i did:
  • New Headlights
  • New blinkers
  • Gt rims
  • Sport air intake/filter
  • new logo's
  • Automatic (remote) key and locks
  • bluetooth car radio and remote on steer (WOAH):slayer:
  • Punto sporting chairs (the old chairs where worn out)
  • New mirrors
Also replaced a lot of engine parts etc with original ones last 2 years.

How i bought it:

And afterwards (Should take a better picture)

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