Punto (Mk2/2b) My little blue punto


After awhile on the forum I think it's time I gave my punto a topic of its own!

So I bought the punto back in may and I've loved everyday I've had it since!

Unfortunately I've lost the pics I had of her before I added my little touches so ill just show you how she looks now and tell you a little bit about the things I've done :)

Added tints all round.
JVC Head unit with sub.
HID head lights.
Tinted the rear lights
Sprayed alloys black
New back box exhaust

Future mods:
6x9 speakers.
Bee sting arial (I know only minor).
New 17" alloys.
Abarth body kit.
Wind deflectors.
Maybe spray wing mirrors black? (Opinions).
Purchase Sony headunit.

Here's what she looks like now:

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346438.188103.jpg

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346456.708810.jpg

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346471.475490.jpg

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346510.272894.jpg

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346521.847478.jpg

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346542.311391.jpg

ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1376346557.910984.jpg

Ignore the mess on the tyres in some of the pics as I had new tyres put in the alloys and not had chance to clean them yet.

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